Cannabis Market Analytics


Headset is a company that offers in-depth insights into current cannabis consumer trends. In today's fast-paced world, it is important to have access to real-time data rather than outdated information when making decisions. Headset provides reliable data that helps you understand the overall market while also allowing you to delve into specific details, such as consumer demographics and shopping habits sourced directly from retailers.

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What We Did

UX Flows
User Persona
UI | UX Design
Content Writing


  • A powerful content management system (CMS) was needed to support online marketing efforts
  • The company needed a high-quality design to display data metrics for the cannabis market
  • The website needed to be responsive on various devices


  • A website was built with a CMS to allow for the publishing of various blogs, videos, podcasts, and other online marketing materials
  • The website featured a high-quality design that made it easy to understand data
  • The website was built using Webflow and was optimized for mobile devices
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