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Co Property
Software Dev.
Cloud Fuze
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Recent work

Cloud Fuze
Cloud migration services
Website Design & Development
Cloud Fuze
Cloud migration services
Website Design & Development

What Makes Us Unique?

Digital Solutions is a full-service UI/UX, Website Development, and Software Application agency. We work closely with our clients to offer top-quality, innovative, integrated solutions to build long-term value to individuals, brands, and organizations.

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Industries We’ve Worked With

Finance and Insurance

Digital Solutions designs and deploys intelligent, bespoke technology systems for the financial and insurance industries. We go above and beyond to adhere to strict security and quality standards.

Energy and Utilities

Our in-house team has considerable experience crafting unique digital solutions specifically for the energy sector. In addition, our customized software services add value, simplicity, and efficiency to operations organizations.


We can take your college, university, or trade school to the next level. From e-learning software, and training portals, to certification software, we create custom digital solutions to enrich your students and organization.


We work closely with various healthcare and life science organizations. Previous clients include major hospitals, medical practices, dental facilities, and pharmaceutical companies. Digital Solutions software products meet rigorous compliance standards like HIPAA.


We streamline construction management solutions with solution-focused software solutions that make it simple to track and manage the many facets of construction projects. We work with both residential and commercial construction organizations.

Wholesale and Retail

We can create your own CRM system that helps you handle the comprehensive operations of your business. Keep track of your inventory, invoicing, tracking, shipping, and more in one place. We can implement a customized system to fit seamlessly into your existing business processes.


Our developers have designed, deployed, and supported software solutions to optimize processes throughout the entertainment industry. Past projects include: Royalty tracking and payment software, Engineering, Implementation of video and audio streaming solutions.


We work with various transportation sectors to craft custom solutions that add considerable value to the transportation and logistics industries. Our work includes cargo tracking, ordering automation, performance monitoring, and more.

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